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The current situation and development prospect of silica gel industry
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The existing problems of silica gel industry

First, because of the limited development time, the accumulation of experience and innovation of science and technology are greatly restricted, and the overall quality of the domestic silicone industry has a certain gap with foreign countries. Most of the products currently produced in China can basically meet their customers' production requirements. However, imported silica gel is still needed when customers require high performance or special rubber species. There is a big gap in the domestic market on the special silica gel and high performance adhesive.

Secondly, because the silica gel industry is a capital intensive industry, the current economic situation also determines the severity of its living environment, the difficulty of capital flow, the homogenization of products, and the rising price of raw materials, and the survival of enterprises is facing great challenges. In addition, in the silicone industry inside now has gradually formed a vicious spiral of price war, the customer object with a new king manufacturers led the low-end manufacturers continue to depress prices, profits of the whole industry is shrinking.


                         The existing problems of silica gel industry

The prospect of silica gel industry

The silicone industry is a capital intensive and high tech industry, compared to the labor intensive industries will have a better development momentum, silicone raw materials mainly used in electronic and electrical appliances, medical equipment, baby supplies and other major industries, involving a wide range, and many previously used rubber products will be gradually replaced by silica gel. The development trend in 2012 will focus on silica gel liquid glue, new antiy jade has been invested 50 million to establish a liquid rubber production base, this will change now silicone industry pattern to a certain extent.

At the same time, also be aware of the fact that now the silicone industry internal competition intense degree, due to the downturn in the economic situation and the corresponding monetary policy, liquidity of small and medium enterprises more difficult, this is a challenge for a capital intensive industry, but if we can spend such an economic winter, silicone industry tomorrow will be very beautiful

From the product point of view, the domestic silicone industry demand is still the common glue and glue, at the same time, flame retardant glue, glue and low demand liquid glue and other special glue on the rise, the technology content of adhesive higher added value than the previous two kinds of conventional rubber is large, so these species in the future there will be great market space.


            The prospect and development trend of silica gel industry

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