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What are the common quality problems and solutions for silicone rubber compound?
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Common quality problems and solutions for silicone rubber compound:

1. The problem of dispersion and uneven distribution of mixed refining and white spots

The main reason: the white carbon black on the market more than ten yuan a kilogram of rubber filled for precipitated silica, alkaline PH and phase itself with free water (4-7%), mixed compound precipitated white carbon black in the back mixing process easy to damp; easy to damp and silica dispersing inadequate resulting in white problem can not solve;

Solution: the structure control agent, coupling agent, dispersing agent to precipitate silica hydroxyl with better dispersion mixing; improve the kneader kneading temperature and improve the vacuum water discharge; improve the plasticity of raw rubber, can effective liquid phase adsorption interaction.


      The problem of dispersion and uneven distribution of mixed refining and white spots

The problem of poor mucous membrane and thermal avulsion during the production of 2. rubber products

The quality of mould release is a key index to directly determine whether silica gel can be applied. The difference between mucosa and thermal tear is not easy to release, and the rate of rejection increases, which seriously affects product quality and output.

The reason: low molecular and small molecular compound, the reaction temperature to Quito, curing temperature and time is insufficient to allow complete response (can also be understood as undercuring, actually, some small molecular adsorption and cross-linking reaction but not the product surface caused by sticky white carbon black silica surface); the hydroxyl and hydroxyl groups on the surface of the metal high temperature with sticky.

Solution: when mixing ingredients, reduce the amount of hydroxyl silicone oil modifier on the surface of white carbon as much as possible, and use stearic acid zinc with demoulding effect. During the kneading process, increase the temperature and prolong the time to let small molecules expel.


      Mucous membrane and thermal avulsion problems in the production of rubber products

3. white silica gel or transparent silica gel yellowing

Cause: silica containing impurities, high temperature reaction or ultraviolet radiation discoloration, resulting in yellowing; high temperature decomposition of peroxide vulcanizing agent small molecule remaining have yellowing; the raw residue of trimethylamine oxide induced discoloration.

Solution: the choice of precipitated silica, early high temperature yellowing and ultraviolet yellowing experiment; in compound ingredients added hydrogen containing silicone oil anti yellowing agent and anti yellowing vulcanizing agent to improve; small molecular remnants of easy yellowing to find raw material supplier control.


          Yellowing white silica gel or transparent silica gel

Poor storage stability and processing difficulty of 4. mixed silica gel

The long time storage of the mixed silica gel will make the silica gel molecules structured, causing the addition of the vulcanizing agent to be difficult to open. The main reason is the white carbon black hydroxyl group in the silica gel. In order to get good control, it is suggested to study the structure control agent and the amount of use, to process or to improve the vacuum and kneading time.

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