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Wei Shun silicone recruits
time : 2018-03-02 09:16 Browsing volume : 118

Dongguan Wei Shun silicone Technology Co., Ltd. set up an e-commerce department in 2017. A new team that has been rebuilt needs to be joined by you.

1: e-commerce American workers

Post duties:

1, the overall visual style planning and commodity display design of the Alibaba Wang Pu and the official website.

2, the overall layout of the front page of the shop and layout design, product details page, posters and other design.

3, all kinds of marketing campaign advertising poster production;

4, responsible for the image design of the company's product image, publicity materials and so on.

5, product photography, matting, refinement, color, synthesis of the later operation;

6, assist the boss to complete other work matters;

Post requirements:

1, proficient in PS, CDR, AI, DW and other related design software.

2, with more than 1 years experience in electronic business design;

3, has the independent design ability, has the art foundation, the aesthetic ability and the creative idea ability, has the copywriting function, understands the refining product selling point priority consideration.

4, to understand the operation of the electric business background and the operation mode of the electric business.

5, understand the shooting, will use the single counter, have more than 1 years of shop product shooting experience;

6, be able to obey the work arrangement, have the responsibility and patience, good professionalism and professional ethics.

7, work seriously, pay attention to details, demanding the works of their own design;

2: foreign trade salesman

Post duties:

1. learn to operate Alibaba international station, maintain customer development channel;

2., we must independently develop and maintain the company's assigned customers, do well the sample management of customers, regularly follow up e-mail or phone calls, establish long-term cooperation with customers, and provide quality services.

3. every year to enter the international exhibition organized by the company to receive customers and promote new products.

4. through the Internet and other international social networking sites, the development of new customers.

5. to complete the other work arranged by the superior.

Requirements for office:

1. college or above, China World Trade Center, English, electronic business and other related major, oral English fluency, can communicate with the customer barrier free;

2. the operating experience of the Alibaba and Amazon is preferred.

3. good communication and communication, good language expression ability;

4. the experience in silica gel industry is preferred;

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