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Do silicone products have a normal taste
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As we all know, pure silicone is non-toxic tasteless, but after silicone products screen printing, spray handle oil, YM process, IMD process, laser engraving, glue, water paste process, the process is done, the different taste may produce. This is a very prominent feature on silicone products. Thus it can be seen that the odors are most likely to occur in various processes after forming.

Usually, the process that causes the most easy smell of silica and plastic products is: silk screen and spray hand oil. The silk screen material may have a stimulating taste, and the silicone product will have a clear taste after the silk screen is finished. However, it is not common for the silk screen to cause the odor of silicone products. These also belong to the normal phenomenon, in the natural ventilation conditions for two or three days, the odor will naturally be eliminated.



However, some silica gel factories are opportunistic, and use slightly silica gel raw materials, or the production process is not perfect, so that the products produced are seriously out of line with the standard. Silica gel tableware is used for food grade silicone material, whether in raw materials or the production process than ordinary silicone products to be much higher, after molding, need enough time to remove the volatile substances, some manufacturers are in the pursuit of efficiency and reduce the cost but ignore the problem exists, leading to the final production of tableware do not conform to the hygiene standards usually, the general production of such products is relatively small, so the tableware you dare to use? So, Wei Shun told everyone in the purchase of silica gel, silica gel products need to pay more attention to the serious odor, absolutely can not buy silicone products, silicone products of good quality only very slight odor, for a period of time can be automatically eliminated, there is a good quality of silicone products will be very touching. Flexible and comfortable!


Do silicone products have a normal taste

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