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What's the use of silica gel in addition to being a sex product
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The first feeling of silicone is a man's doll, or a woman's toy, and many people who work in the silica gel factory can't afford to be ridiculed. In fact, in our daily life, a lot of products are made of silica gel, but you have not found it.

1: silicone products for infants

Because the silicone is completely non-toxic materials, baby products, one of the first widely used silicone materials, including baby pacifier, spoon, bib, molar and so on, baby supplies silicone non-toxic and odorless, by his mother's favor.


Silicone rubber products -- gum gum


Two: silicone kitchen utensils

Silicone kitchenware is very popular in western countries, has now begun to enter the China well-off family, with people more and more attention to environmental problems, in Chinese silicone kitchenware market will be more and more, this is the silica gel factory will compete for the cake, the factory quality is uneven in quality in one hundred and eight thousand, when we buy, should pay more attention to.


Silica gel kitchenware products


Three: silicone promotional gifts

Most of the previous advertising promotional gifts is to do with PVC, but PVC is not environmentally friendly and smell, many brands have used silicone raw materials, there are two advantages, one is in line with the mainstream of modern environmental protection non-toxic, two is an integral forming process of the multicolor silicone silicone promotional gifts do better, let users willing to use, the better the effect of brand communication.


Silica gel promotional gift -- silica gel Watch

Four: silica gel has many applications. Specifically, we can refer to the product catalog of Wei Shun official website. We have many years of experience in silica gel production, and we can develop and produce corresponding silicone products according to the requirements of customers.

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