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Automotive industry with silica gel
time : 2018-01-03 10:58 Browsing volume : 50

In the past more than 10 years, cars have been developing towards reducing weight, increasing speed, saving fuel, limiting exhaust volume and improving reliability. The core is reducing engine size. When the turbocharger is applied, the working temperature of the engine hood is getting higher and higher, at 100 C in 70s and 150 in 80s, and more than 200 C in 90s. Therefore, the use of silica gel in the key parts is increasing.


The application of silica gel in automobile industry

The silicone seals and gaskets have been widely used for driving shaft, block cover, oil pan, water cooler cover, headlights, sliding roof, sunroofs, muffler joint sealing, high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance and ventilation apparatus connector etc.; silicone rubber protective sleeve is mainly used for spark plug, distributor, ignition coil, plug, front lamp; silicone hose is mainly used for heating system, turbocharger etc.. In addition, the fabric reinforced silica gas bag is also used as a safety precaution for drivers and passengers.

In the past, the oil seal on the car was made with NBR, but as the speed of the car increased and the temperature increased, the lip of the NBR was easily cracked. After the use of high resistance tearing silica gel, the problem was solved satisfactorily. Silica gel ignition cable has the advantages of corona resistance, ozone resistance, fuel saving and no pollution to environment. It has long service life and is safe and reliable. Silicone hose is used as the main component of radiator and heater, and has long service life (5 years), and it can run at least 800 thousand km at least. Because the heat resistance of silicone hose is excellent, it can also be used as a flexible joint of turbocharger air pipe and oil return pipe. The temperature is as high as 205 degrees centigrade, and general organic rubber can not bear it. Silica gel parts have been successfully applied in keyless door locks, protective cover of electrical system, halogen lampshade and sunshade shed, and there will be more and more applications.


Silica gel because of its excellent performance, widely used in the automotive field, silica gel, food grade FDA/LFGB, green, environmental protection, oil analysis (CHN-OIB, KE-503-U, KE-505-U, KE-5042-U Series), super high electrical insulation (CHN-DLI-55-U, KE-655-U, KE-755-U), heat resistance, cold resistance, bending fatigue and allow agents of (FE-200-U, FE-300-U, FE-400-U fluorine silica gel), flame retardant (KE-5620-U, KE-5612G-U), compression set resistance (SE-1741-U), wellshun high transparent series focuses on the development, can achieve a high transmittance of more than 92%, the key recommendation in the two optical, automotive and other industries. These products are used in all kinds of automotive products, such as oil seal ring, wire harness, spark plug, automobile accessories and so on.

Many enterprises in China are put on the field of new energy vehicles throw hersesf efforts, but as the limitation of the core components of new energy vehicles, power battery of new energy vehicles, especially the new energy automotive battery thermal management solutions. Immediate water cooling, air cooling, phase change cooling, heat pipe cooling, a variety of specific programs to solve the battery heat conduction, although many thermal management schemes, but these are the flow of new energy automotive battery pack of the soldiers, but no matter what the final thermal management system is also an important medium to be used for the thermal conductivity of silica gel film the heat transfer, wellshun thermal material is the best choice for you.

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