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You might misunderstand the silicone industry
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A lot of people mentioned silicone, which may be the product of net red silicone face and breast augmentation. In fact, the application of silica gel is very extensive in our country. Next, Wei Shun silicone will introduce you to what you don't know about silica gel application.

If the first thought of silica gel was "false chest"!!!

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You may not be familiar with the silicone people. Look at these things in life and you'll find that silicone is everywhere. The following are the six major processes of silica gel products.

Six. The process of silicone products

1 press


Silicone laminated molding products - silicone ring

Molding, this manufacturing process is the most common. The shape of the silicone product is determined by the mold matching, and the shape of the silicone product is determined by the shape of the mold. Molded silicone products is usually the mold temperature in solid silicone raw materials adding curing agent after vulcanization machine pressure, high temperature sulfur into solid molding, molded silicone hardness usually at 30 DEG C-70 DEG C this process is relatively simple, suitable for all silicone products.

2 injection (injection)


Silica gel ejection product - silica gel nipple

This process is high in quality, and is a combination of liquid silica gel and plastic. Its products are characterized by good thermal stability, cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation, and no toxic substances in combustion. Therefore, it is an irreplaceable material in the production design of health products, cars, baby products, medical supplies, diving products, kitchen utensils and seals.

3 - extrusion


Silica gel extrusion molding product silica gel tube

Extrusion molding, extrusion silicone products are usually extruded by machine extrusion silicone molding, generally extruded silica gel shape is long strip, tube like can be tailored, extrusion process products form is single, mostly strip. Silicone tube is widely used in the field of medical and mechanical equipment. It can also be used for caching in the package.

4 calender


Silicon rubber calendering product

Silicone rubber is mixed with white carbon black, silicone oil and so on to be mixed to make the compound, then it is pressed out of the sheet. There is a significant difference between the longitudinal and transverse physical and mechanical properties of the film produced by the calendering, which is a calendering effect. The specific performance of the film, the longitudinal tensile strength is greater than the transverse, longitudinal transverse elongation larger than the film, the film is larger than the transverse longitudinal shrinkage rate.

The calendering effect is the directional result of the large molecules in the rubber and the needle like and flake compound in the calendering process. The size of the calendering effect is related to the composition of the rubber, the calendering temperature, the speed and the speed ratio. For larger products, such as silicon film, silica gel plate.

5 infusion


Silica gel perfusion product - mobile phone sleeve

The operation method of filling or perfusion modes: filling or perfusion model, is used to smooth or simple products, no mold line is labor-saving and time-saving, will you want to copy the product or model, surrounded by plastic or glass plate, the pumping vacuum silicone directly into the products above, the silica gel drying after molding and take out the product and mold molding (Note: Die perfusion by silica gel hardness of soft to die, this release is relatively easy, does not damage the inside of the silicone rubber mold products). The combination of solid and liquid to use, such as products, mobile phone sets, luggage set etc..

6 coating


Silicone coating industrial products silica gel gloves

Fast curing; strong adhesion; good fluidity, easy deaeration. The use of platinum complex catalyst, non-toxic, no smell; excellent thermal stability and cold resistance (use temperature of -60 to 200 DEG C) after molding has good air permeability, heat resistance, and the tensile strength; excellent antiskid performance; no pollution; low hardness rubber; adhesive strength.

High resistance to tear strength; high transparency; good tensile properties. Wear-resistant, washable, high temperature resistance, high three-dimensional level, smooth fabric, soft, flexible texture, good elasticity, water washing and dry cleaning. It is applied to the cloth and has the effect of anti aging. Such as silicone gloves, shoes etc..

Speaking of silica gel, in addition to these, what do you want to think about in your life?

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