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Story Of The Finding Of Silicone
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Silicone nowadays has become an indispensable material on industry as well as ourdaily life.


When silicone came into our eyes?

Who first found this material?

After reading this article, you can get the answer of the question: What is silicone and the story about finding this amazing material?

What is Silicone?

Silicone is a type of synthetic polymer widely used on industry. This polymer made of smaller, repeating chemical units (monomers), and long chains bonded these monomers tighly together. Sientists divide matter into organic and inorganic. Polymers's backbones are made of carbon, they are called organic polymers. Due to it's backbone has no carborn, silicone be assigned to the family of inorganic polymer.

Contrast with other conventional organic polymer, silicone is considered being more resistant to heat.

Due to its highly stable silicon-oxygen bonds in the silicone backbone. Besides, The side chain of silicone makes the polymer hydrophobic, it means that silicone is a kind of excellent material on the applications that may repelling water.

Who firstly found this material?

It was Frederic Kipping, a chemist first coined the term “silicone” to describe compounds he was making and studying in his laboratory. And In the 1930s, silicone first time achieved its worth value.

In order to solve the difficuties of insulation for electrical parts, scientist from the company Corning Glass Works begun his hard trip of finding a proper material is not only good at insulation but also heat resistant. Scientists found  silicone worked for the application due to its ability to solidify under heat. After this succeffuly try, silicone quickly become an important material in industry.

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