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Custom-made processing
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What service can we provide for you?
  • Sample development and design:

    Through the analysis of how to design 3D drawing sample custom processing, how to mold development formula, provide reasonable design quality, design and performance for customers

    What problems can you solve?

    1. To customize the satisfactory silicone products, the cost of trade procurement is too high; the purchase of products is not afraid to use it.。

    2. The quality of the product is better, the product is made first, and the product is suitable.。

    3. There is a sample to offer, transparent price, quick and free。

  • Product optimization service:

    Through the analysis, the application performance of the product is summed up and the product optimization quality scheme is provided to the customers with years of industry experience.。

    What problems can you solve?

    1. Product quality problems such as poor elasticity, poor toughness, poor transparency, insufficient strength, poor flame retardancy, temperature and weather resistance, yellowing, poor adhesion, cracking and aging.。

    2. The problems of practical performance, such as poor efficiency, low cost performance, unreasonable design, poor applicability, undurable and so on。

  • Custom scheme solution:

    Provide a reasonable, high quality and practical product service for customers through our purchase problem solutions。

    What problems can you solve?

    1. The design of the custom mold is reasonable and the product performance solution。

    2. How to find out the root of the product problem and the problem analysis solution of the poor performance of the sample。

    3. Bid bidding solution, mould modification solution。

  • Large amount of preferential service:

    Through the reasonable price of the product, the long-term cooperation relations to the customer preferential service, the die fee return and so on preferential service。

    What problems can you solve?

    1、A price modulation discount for a large product customer through a mold opening。

    2、A long-term cooperative relationship between a large customer and a large customer.。

    3、A free model for old customers, thanks to long-term cooperation and support。

  • Manufacturing process:

    Through the detailed introduction of our green green production, how to customize the products and make the customers transparent production and processing, let the customers feel relieved.。

    What problems can you solve?

    1.Let you know how your products are processed and shipped to your hands。

    2.What kind of material making and process are used in your product。

    3.Explain the performance of the product and the raw material for you。

    4.The mixing and additives of raw materials and the process of forming vulcanization。

  • Development and design of mould:

    To provide you with high quality mold, the precision reaches 0.001mm for your product to achieve fast, quality, practical products。

    What problems can you solve?

    1、The mold has developed a reasonable number of holes to achieve the fastest production.。

    2、A sophisticated mold is designed to provide you with high quality products.。

    3、The appearance is more fine, the product has no margin, the perfect closing line。

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