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Silicone Purse for Promotion

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Silica gel Purse

Silicone wallet is silicone silicone gifts in the category of silicone wallet the raw material is solid silica gel, after vulcanization molding, pressing, feel comfortable, colorful, environmental protection will not cause injury to the skin surface, arbitrary bending deformation and immediate recovery, in recent years is a popular promotional gift.

Characteristics of silica gel Purse

High temperature resistance: suitable for temperature range of -40 to 230 degrees centigrade and can be used in microwave oven and oven.

Easy to clean: clean directly with clean water.

Color diversity: you can mix out different beautiful colors.

Environmental protection is non-toxic: no toxic and harmful substances can be found from raw materials to finished products.

Maintenance method

1. Keep dry and store in a cool and cool place.

2. Avoid insolation, fire roasting, sharp impact and contact with chemical solvents.

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